New Items

Wrapped wire rings made from square wire, in sterling silver, copper, brass or bronze
Sterling silver wrap ring


Embellished Rings – These rings can be as simple or complicated as you like. The charms on top can be simple etched pieces, or they can include various embellishments to add a decorative touch. Ring bands are adjustable, and will fit most finger sizes. They can be made in nickel silver (shown on left), copper, red brass (shown on right) or sterling silver.

Steampunk rings – These rings combine elements of Victorian-era styling with more modern touches like gears. Rings can be a version of the embellished rings (as above), but using gears and other elements to create this look. Additionally, I also offer rings that have watch gears and parts embedded in resin.


Simple etched bands

Etched band rings in brass, copper, nickel silver or sterling silver