Accessories and Home Decoration

_DSC0739Mirrors – Mirrors can be made in rectangular, square, oval or round shapes, and can be made from etched, textured, heated or rusted metal. They can come in nickel silver (shown), red brass or copper, and can include embellishments.


Bookmarks – Bookmarks can be made from copper, red brass or nickel silver (shown), and can be made from etched, textured, heated or rusted metal. They will include ribbon or suede fringe.


etched brass bookmark with cabochon charm

Clocks – Clocks can be made with etched, rusted, textured or heated metals, and can be made from nickel silver, red brass or copper. They can be made in just about any shape you desire, large or small, and can come with just the four numbers shown or with markers between the numbers. All clocks will come with hangers, or they can be placed on small stands to sit on a desk or counter top.


Photo Frames – Frames can be made in etched, textured, heated or rusted metals, and can be made from red brass, nickel silver (shown), or copper. They can also be made in square, round, oval or rectangular shapes, and can be made in various sizes- as small as 3″x 3″ on up to 10″x 12″.


Belt Buckles – Etched pieces are attached to a belt buckle blank, which can then be used with belts at least 1 inch wide. The decorative part of the buckle can be round, oval, rectangular or square, and can be made in copper, nickel silver or red brass metals.

Metal and Gourd Scarf Pins – Pieces of dried, decorative gourd have been lashed to textured or etched metal backings. A tie tack-type pin has been attached to the back of the metal, so the pin can be pushed through several layers of fabric.


Metal Scarf Pins – This design is based on the Celtic penannular pin design, but has been updated to include decorative beads. Pins can come in silver, gold or copper tones with coordinating beads, and can be smaller, medium or large diameter, to accommodate thinner or thicker scarves.


Wire Scarf Pins – Pins can be made in various shapes, and with copper, brass or nickel silver wire. 

Sun Catchers

hammered wire and bead sun catcher with stamped tag – “Love”
etched beaded suncatcher
beaded sun catcher with bell and stamped tag – “Peace”