New Items!

Shaped sterling wire charm on sterling silver chain
Necklaces with single pearl or semi-precious gem drops  

Etched Charm Necklace – This necklace features a dapped, etched disc adorned with various embellishments which serve as the focus charm of the necklace. Necklaces can be made from nickel silver, red brass or copper (shown), and will include beads that are the same color as the charm.



Beaded Etched Charm Necklace – These necklaces are similar to the necklace above, but they are constructed of an etched focal charm surrounded by glass or ceramic beads or semi-precious stones._DSC3314



Long Etched Necklace – This simple necklace included etched metal charms randomly spaced around same-metal chain, and adorned by glass, ceramic or semi-precious beads.


Sterling Silver charm necklace  – Sterling snake chain holds an etched sterling charm, with a simple pearl dangle.



Reversible Pendants – These pendants are made with various metals, and will include two pieces per pendant. It can be worn three different ways, with one or the other side individually facing out, or combined with the smaller piece backed by the larger piece.


   Metal and Gourd Necklaces – Pieces of dried gourd have been decorated with alcohol inks and sealed, and then attached or lashed to textured or etched metal. The pieces of gourd are paired with complimentary colored metals, which consist of copper, red brass or nickel silver.

  Metal and Exotic Hardwood Necklaces – Etched or textured metals have been shaped and polished, and are then attached to sanded and oiled pieces of exotic hardwood and hung from chains.  Pendants with metal and hardwood are also available, without the chain.


Floral pendants – Etched and textured floral pendants, that can be placed on any kind of chain or cord. Each pendant is unique, and may include etched and textured pieces, crystals, beads, or other decorative embellishments.