Hair Accessories


Headbands – These items are made of etched metal, and will include elastic along the back which wraps around the back portion of the head. They can be made from nickel silver (shown), copper or red brass, and can include leather and charms.


Wire Wrapped Headbands – These headbands feature embellished charms, made from etched or textured metal and various decorative elements. They are then wrapped around thin silver bands. Charms can be made from copper, nickel silver, or red brass.

_DSC4991Pony Tail Holders – Pony tail holders can be a simple or decorative as you would like. They can be made from etched or textured metal, and can include various charms, beads or gears as decoration. They are attached to a base which holds the elastic pony tail holder, and can be made from nickel silver (left), red brass (center), or copper (right).






Hair Sticks – Can be made with metal or wood sticks, and will have an etched charm attached. Charms and sticks can be made from nickel silver, red brass or copper. Hair sticks also come in just shaped wire, and are sturdy enough to secure buns and twists.

DSC_7694                                               DSC_7697

Barrettes – Barrettes come in small, medium or large sizes, and can be made with copper, nickel silver or red brass etched metals.



Stick Barrettes – Etched metal and wire stick barrettes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be made with nickel silver, copper or brass.

Additional Hair Sticks


silver hair stick with coral bead